The Possibilities Seem Endless (and the Motley Fool’s Analysis of Peloton is Wrong)

How to be perceived as a professional and why it matters.

When working through a bureau or agency, professionalism is an important key for a speaker to be successful in this industry. It seems like this goes without saying, but you’d be surprised at the gamut of professionalism one sees in this field. I’ve seen a level of professionalism as poor as a speakers backing out of a contracted and mutually agreed upon agenda while onsite at the event; other speakers professionalism lacks in something as simple but important as failing to have high-quality headshot; there are those speakers who just don’t return calls or respond to emails in anything resembling…

How to craft and deliver a speech.

What’s your shtick? What’s unique about you? What’s your thing?

“No. Don’t blame me.” — Ken Segall (lol)

Keep in Mind

Life. Work.

"I just want to have a kickass time and live in service to God's will." -Rainn Wilson

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